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Digital Imaging

Our office has the latest equipment including:

HRT-A scanning laser that can detect early changes from Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. It can sometimes help us determine the disease process before any visible damage has occurred.

Retinal Photography- This camera takes a picture of the back of the eye to photo-document retinal problems.

Anterior Segment Photography- A camera that takes picture of the front of the eye to document any ocular pathology.

Humphrey Visual Field- Finely test peripheral vision.

Sonogage- To measure corneal thickness.

B-Scan- An ultrasound that helps us closely evaluate the globe of the eye. To help the doctors better diagnose your eye problem.

Occutouch-Computer program that explains various diseases.

OCT-Optical coherence tomography. This is a scanning laser that can evaluate all layers of the retina and determine optic nerve health.